The Resurrection

It all begins with the resurrection.

It’s not that Jesus wouldn’t have been God without rising from the dead. Or that salvation wouldn’t have been possible.

No, it’s because we wouldn’t be paying attention to any of this without the resurrection.

People are like that.

I can imagine an existence where what we find out in the future is even more wonderful and mind-boggling than Jesus’ resurrection. Perhaps that’s what we’ll learn after death.

I’d like to think so, because right now life is so confusing and mixed-up that it’s hard to make sense of it.

The resurrection shows us that God is real. Miracles are real. Even if we invent a way to have people survive death, there’s no way we’ll ever explain how it happened nearly two thousand years ago.

God is real, and he’s doing miracles every day.

All we have to do is notice.

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