The Gratitude Rosary

Last fall, I saw in NCregister where Patti Armstrong described a Gratitude Rosary where you’d say one expression of thanks for each bead.

That’s all the description I needed.

It seems like a wonderful way to change my mindset in my prayer life.

The first time I tried it, I decided that after the Sign of the Cross I’d offer direct gratitude to God, the Holy Family, our Church. It seemed like the right grounding for my journey.

Then … what? Well, I decided that the real thing I’m grateful for in my life is people. Things can come and go, any accomplishments are ephemeral, but relationships are everything.

I fancy that the relationships I have will survive this lifetime, that they also are somehow eternal.

So the first decade was my family growing up. The second was my current family. The third was key work relationships. Fourth were those most influential to my spiritual development. And the fifth decade were those who support my career and business.

It turns out that finding ten people in each category wasn’t hard at all. Often I’d group a few people together, or add a “few extra beads” so I could include more of those people dear to me.

This ended up being a powerful experience for me, well worth repeating. Because I need to be constantly mindful of the many gifts I’ve been graced with.

Particularly the people.

6 Replies to “The Gratitude Rosary”

  1. Could anyone tell me where I can buy the thank you Jesus or (Gratitude Rosary). I have been searching for this rosary since April 2019. I live in India

    1. Hello, do you have a regular rosary? If you have a regular rosary you can just use that. There are many prayers you can say with your regular rosary

    1. Here’s what I did, Walter. For each decade, I picked an area of my life that I’m specifically grateful for, and then for each of the 10 beads, thanked God for a particular person. When I started, I thought the “areas” might be things like home, work, community, etc., but quickly realized that being thankful for the PEOPLE in my life was the most important thing. The THINGS in my life, as it turns out, aren’t all that important.

      At the beginning and end of each decade, I prayed the Our Father. It seemed appropriate.

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