The Holy Catholic Church

Here we are, the traditional “birthday” of the Church. It’s interesting that we view this as attached an event of God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit – not of one of the apostles.

Even Peter.

It’s about the complete mental flip they had to make. From follower to leader. From focusing on the Jesus they had lived with for three years, to a much, much bigger picture.

I try to imagine how scary that must have been.

And, honestly, they didn’t think they were starting a “church” as such. They were bringing God’s wonderful news of salvation to every corner of the earth.

We are the beneficiaries of their work, and all the holy Christians who have come before us.

But more than that, we are the ones commissioned to go out and do the same. To support, encourage and love everyone.

Because absolutely everyone is invited to join God in eternal life. No exceptions.

And the Church is there to help is in this world-changing work.

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