God, creator

There’s a philosophy which declares that God is unnecessary. The universe and all of reality came from … nothing.

It spontaneously sproinged into existence from absolutely nothing.

Perhaps this is the trillionth universe that actually worked, that up till now they resulted in nothing interesting at all.

Maybe those trillion universes actually exist now, we just can’t see them because they’re off someplace else or in other dimensions.

Makes for great science fiction stories, for sure! And I’ve been an SF fan since I was a kid.

But there’s a few problems these theories will never be able to answer: Why space? Why time? Why the rules of physics and chemistry? And why is it that science can explain how things work?

Even if there were a trillion universes before the Big Bang, they still existed in time and space. Only by the universe having order does science have any meaning at all.

And science just doesn’t touch those questions of why.

So maybe atheists can think that the Christian God isn’t the best answer for these questions. Fine. But something, or someone, had to create a structure where a universe is even possible.

And we believe that God came to us and told us the answer.

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