Thy will

These are the most powerful two words in my entire prayer life: Thy will.

It seems that my prayers tend to gravitate toward asking God for favors. Please make my world more comfortable. Please remove that obstacle.

Please fix that thing I screwed up.

But let’s work through this:

  • If God is perfect, then God’s will is perfection.
  • And the point of humanity is to strive toward perfection.
  • In fact, I am striving toward what’s good and perfect and best.
  • So why am I asking God for what I want for myself, rather than what’s good and perfect and best?

For whatever reason, God has created us with an imperfect free will. We strive for short term comfort and pleasure – often at odds with what is healthy and best for us all.

It’s similar to a small child, I think, who wants that toy right now even though they have to learn the concepts of patience, sharing, and generosity. As adults, we don’t seem to be much more mature. We just have bigger toys.

Maybe it’s because part of my deeper purpose for being put here is to learn patience, trust, and generosity. So I should be asking God what His plan is, what’s perfect, so that I can bend myself to that will.

And not to wait for others to do His will, either. It’s my life’s purpose.


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