A woman clothed with the sun

Today we have the wonderful celebration of the Assumption of our Blessed Virgin Mary.

It’s not directly in the Bible, of course, although there amazing images in the book of Revelation which indicates that Mary is present in Heaven, is powerful, and using that power on our behalf.

Battling the Prince of Darkness.

When Mary is accessible, it totally makes sense to pray to her. Not as a way to “get Jesus to do things he doesn’t want to do” – that’s a childish way to understand our faith.

No, Mary was created with unique purity. As The Ark of Our Lord, she was chosen to be the one who would agree to bring Christ into the world.

So it’s appropriate that God directly brought her to heaven. No need for Purgatory, as she was already in a pure relationship with God.

We pray that this is the model for how each of us will eventually be with God for eternity.

And with Mary, and her Son.

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