Most watchful guardian

In 1889, Pope Leo XIII asked all the faithful to add the Prayer to St. Joseph to the end of our Rosary during the month of October.

Our holy Mother Mary is the paragon of human holiness, of course, and worthy of our eternal devotion. But I have to confess that her spouse, Joseph, is easier for me to relate to.

It’s partially because he seems to just be a quiet guy doing the best he can in the background.

I often feel that’s where my strength lies as well.

Though we know little about Joseph, we can certainly know a bit about his character through his actions. And I would like to think that the human side of Jesus’ character was strongly influenced by Joseph as well as God.

I imagine that Joseph was the earthly face of God to his Son, as I hope to be for my family.

St. Joseph, protect us and God’s Holy Church from the snares of the enemy.

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