The wedding feast

We’ve heard the story so many times that it ceases to amaze us. Yeah, water into wine. Nice trick.

It was Jesus’ first miracle that we know of. But this amazing event had so many other powerful connections for me!

Our own wedding 40 years ago was such a powerful sacrament. I wasn’t Catholic at the time, but it really drew us closer to God and His Church.

Weddings are also amazing bringing-together of families. Not only the couple themselves, but of everyone involved. Jesus and Mary were invited to this celebration, so they were already a part of what was being joined.

In today’s reading (John 2:1-11) we see that Jesus invited the servants to participate in the miracle. Not just watch.

That means that if I’m looking for God’s miraculous impact in my life, I’d better do my part. Not just send my prayers heavenward and wait for His action. No, I need to get to work myself.

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