Into Jerusalem

Today we commemorate Jesus’ final entry into the holy city. This is such a powerful event, much more than any normal historical significance.

Jerusalem is an epicenter of faith for all the Abrahamic religions. It signifies our paths toward God, just as He led the Jews toward union with Him here on earth.

In my mind, it signifies that we´re ALL on a journey to God, and our goal is to meet Him in the next life.

And, to the degree which we achieve personal and collective holiness, perhaps we get a flavor of God in this life as well.

So it was appropriate that Jesus’ ministry took him toward joining with the Father in Jerusalem.

This is the kind of nuance that we seem to have lost in the modern world. We have a very linear and self-centered view of the world, fiercely proud of setting our own way in the world.

¨Do what brings you joy.¨

Maybe instead I should be focusing on what brings God joy?

Let me hope that it´ll help me move toward joining Him in the next life.

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