Listening to Him speak

Reading Jesus entered a village
where a woman whose name was Martha welcomed Him.
She had a sister named Mary
who sat beside the Lord at his feet listening to Him speak.

Luke 10:38-39

It always seemed to me that the Gospel stories have an absolute abundance of Marys! No doubt it was a popular name then as it is now.

Perhaps it’s because Mary can represent all of us, not just the mother of our Lord.

As we find out a few verses later, Jesus declares that “Mary has chosen the better part.” Martha attended to His physical needs, but this Mary … listened to Him.

I have to confess that I get caught up in a large amount of doing. Serving others helps me to feel useful, and I like to contribute.

So I have to remember that my daily rosary is my chance to listen to His voice. It’s not about saying the prayers, really. It’s about having those prayers help push aside the noise in my head so I can listen.

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