It’s so discouraging to realize how inclined we are to sin and depravity. I guess this is the universal battle of what it means to be human.

Why did God set it up this way?

I’m starting to recognize that it’s about using my life to learn, to discover, to overcome, and to become the potential God has put within me.

If my life was too easy, then I wouldn’t truly recognize God’s role in my life, and I wouldn’t truly learn how to be that person God made me to be.

It’s a battle against today’s culture, where we prize for easy answers and quick solutions. Especially when someone can get rich off that desire, we’re endlessly hammered with the quick fix. Get past the journey as fast as possible, to the result. Fame and fortune. Material happiness.

But God repeatedly shows us that it’s the journey that’s valuable, much more than any worldly result. Because at the end of life, all the earthly possessions are swept away, and we’re only left with what we’ve learned and how we’ve helped others.

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