The Holy Family

Catholics tend to focus so much on Jesus and Mary that we forget the holiness of the family unit. But in fact, the family is the foundation of the Church and society at large.

It breaks my heart to see the diminishing of families through divorce and avoiding children. It feels like we’re destroying the purpose of being human.

So today we celebrate the Holy Family, and indeed, all families.

God designed us male and female, and to have children. Even if you’re not religious, this is obvious from our fundamental makeup. Indeed, nature itself follows this pattern.

We don’t have too many stories of the Holy Family. They had to escape persecution in Egypt, so we know they were refugees. Then at some point they returned to Nazareth.

There’s no question that Jesus was formed by the family he was born into. He developed skills as a carpenter, and respected His parents as all children should.

I regret sometimes that we don’t know much about Joseph, but even that helps me to realize that my own role isn’t to “be known”. My name will be forgotten, whatever impact I’ve had will blend into the story of humanity.

And I’m fine with that. It’s the way God designed us.

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