Mary visited Elizabeth

This feast of the Visitation always makes powerful connections for me.

It’s one thing for God to ask Mary to be the mother of our Lord. That’s miraculous, of course, but we’ve heard the story so many times that we become a bit immune to the wonder of it.

But here we have Mary’s cousin, Elizabeth, recognizing this wonder in a very real sense.

In a loud voice [Elizabeth] exclaimed, “Most blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb!”

Luke 1:42

The question I’m pondering is this: If I’d been alive at that time, would I have recognized how special this was? After all, it’s a singular event, the most important one, in all human history.

Our Lord has come to live with us as fully human. To show us the way to eternal life with Him.

Thank you, Elizabeth, for giving us this powerful phrase of the Hail Mary!

Normally, this feast falls on May 31st of each year. However, because in 2020 that day is Pentecost, I thought I’d post my thoughts a day early!

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