Mary’s Assumption

This certainly is the season of Mary. We’re paying attention to her absolutely unique relationship with God and His Son.

As Catholics, we believe that Mary is already present in Heaven. Body and soul. Why?

Because it was revealed to us in the book of Revelation. John was shown the glory of the Son, uncountable angels, and myriad souls. And Mary.

There are two reasons we should really, really care about this. First, we are able to communicate with her, and she responds with amazing messages for the whole of humanity.

And, second, it shows us that Heaven isn’t just about billions of souls just floating around being happy. Heck, we’ve never seen a soul, so we’re not sure what this would look like.

No, Mary holds forth the promise that our bodies will also rise, reunite with our souls, and rejoice with God for eternity. She’s leading the way!

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