Presentation of our Blessed Virgin Mary

Today we’re celebrating the day when Joachim and Anna presented their daughter, Mary, in the temple. This isn’t documented in the Bible, but instead is referred to in the Protoevangelium of James and other texts of the time.

For me, honestly, the documentation of this event isn’t critical, because almost everything which happened at that time isn’t documented. Millions of people lived lives that we’ll never know about.

But I like the story because it points to a continuity of lives before and after Jesus. He didn’t pop out of nowhere, he was born of the Virgin.

Likewise, Mary didn’t spring out of nowhere, but was born of Joachim and Anna and was raised as a faithful Jew.

As the future Temple of the Incarnation of God, it would be appropriate to connect her with the fullness of revelation. God works that way.

So let’s celebrate this connection, which helps bring us closer to the holiness of our Blessed Mother.

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