Presentation of our Blessed Virgin Mary

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Today we’re celebrating the day when Joachim and Anna presented their daughter, Mary, in the temple. This isn’t documented in the Bible, but instead is referred to in the Protoevangelium of James and other texts of the time.

For me, honestly, the documentation of this event isn’t critical, because almost everything which happened at that time isn’t documented. Millions of people lived lives that we’ll never know about.

But I like the story because it points to a continuity of lives before and after Jesus. He didn’t pop out of nowhere, he was born of the Virgin.

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Our Lady of the Rosary

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What an amazing celebration we have today! This feast was begun in the 16th century and has changed a bit with various popes, but here’s the basic message:

With the help of Mary and our Son, we can and will emerge victorious.

From the snares of the devil, from sin, even from a global pandemic.

Of course, we might have to be thinking big picture – including the next life along with this one.

The Birth of Mary

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Today we celebrate Mary’s birth, a crucial step in our salvation story. In the Catholic tradition, Mary is honored as the sinless tabernacle for our Lord.

This purity was reinforced for us when our Lady identified herself in Lourdes saying “I am the Immaculate Conception.”

If that’s true, then her parents Anne and Joachim played a crucial role in her upbringing.

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Novena for Mom

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My mother died a week ago, and Thursday was the anniversary of my father’s death.

I’ve never prayed a Novena before, but I thought this might be the appropriate time. On the day she went into Hospice, I changed the intention of my daily Rosary to be for a peaceful death and merciful meeting with God on the other side.

Thursday I added the intention for her wonderful reunion with my father.

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Rosary to End Racism

Why do we pray the Rosary? Is there something we’re trying to accomplish?

In this case, we have a fabulous chance to focus our energy and prayers on one of the greatest sins our society is dealing with right now: racism.

I’m not talking about the sins of particular individuals. Certainly there are many, but by looking at it that way it’s easy to absolve ourselves of personal responsibility.

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The Holy Family

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Catholics tend to focus so much on Jesus and Mary that we forget the holiness of the family unit. But in fact, the family is the foundation of the Church and society at large.

It breaks my heart to see the diminishing of families through divorce and avoiding children. It feels like we’re destroying the purpose of being human.

So today we celebrate the Holy Family, and indeed, all families.

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Presentation of Mary

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We celebrate the presentation of Jesus as a newborn in January, but here we have the wonderful opportunity to reflect on His mother’s birth.

November 21st is the celebration of when Anne and Joachim’s presentation of their newborn daughter Mary to the Lord. She was created as the future Temple of the Lord.

What happened at this point? Well, we have no documentation – we barely know her parents’ names.

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