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Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you.

John 14:27

Our world certainly doesn’t seem peaceful. The news is more and more stressful every day, trying to drive me nuts.

Time to check out of the daily disaster feed and return to my Rock, my Savior.

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The hands of God

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As a child, I grew up with the idea that God acted through miracles in the world. If He wanted me to have a bike, then one would just magically show up one day.

Because God can do that.

Since then, I’ve learned that God’s gifts and presence come primarily through peoples’ actions. Our priest is an obvious choice, but most of God’s actions show up just through my daily random encounters.

But this presents me with a huge challenge!

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Our Shepherd

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The metaphor of sheep and shepherd keeps cropping up in Jesus’ teachings.

When I first noticed this, it almost seemed offensive. After all, people keep telling me that sheep are rather stupid, and without a shepherd they’d quickly devolve into chaos.

OK, that’s maybe a little more accurate than I had hoped.

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We just witnessed the greatest miracle of all time. God’s Son left us, then returned on the third day. Or at least that’s what they’re telling us.

Of course it doesn’t feel like a miracle right now. Only the benefit of time will show us the salvation of all humanity.

Jesus is here with us. His words? “Peace be with you.”

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Agony in the garden

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Today we enter into the most intense period of our journey: the Triduum. We descend into the darkness as we realize what cruelty we have shown to our God.

Of course we also know the end of this story: glorious resurrection on the third day, at which time we recognize that our Lord is triumphant, even over death.

He promises me that I too can be triumphant, if only I follow His path.

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Into Jerusalem

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Today we commemorate Jesus’ final entry into the holy city. This is such a powerful event, much more than any normal historical significance.

Jerusalem is an epicenter of faith for all the Abrahamic religions. It signifies our paths toward God, just as He led the Jews toward union with Him here on earth.

In my mind, it signifies that we´re ALL on a journey to God, and our goal is to meet Him in the next life.

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