After this our exile

The Salve Regina (Hail Holy Queen) hints at life being pretty miserable here on earth.

But if you look at the way we behave, it’s as if everything of value is here on earth. We do everything we can to avoid death – even to the extent of spending everything we have to live longer.

Not better, just longer.

We’ve made life so comfortable that we never want to leave. What about the noble people in past generations who would even give their life for right principles?

Too often, we sacrifice our principles, just on the vague promise of a longer and more comfortable life.

But there really should be some principles which run so deep that we would, yes, sacrifice our life for it.

Because, after this our exile, there’s something unbelievably magnificent waiting on the other side.

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  1. This is an interesting phrase to ponder; thanks for bringing it to my attention Carl. It’s interesting to consider that “our exile” is our life on earth. Exile in the Old Testament referred to a banishment, a removal from the promise of God (e.g. the Promised Land in one case, Jerusalem in another). We are on earth and “in exile.” We are separated from the promise of Heaven, but not as punishment. I think it is so that we can lead more to the Kingdom and after our exile is done, we can go where our hearts and souls yearn to live forever – with God in Heaven, where He has prepared for us our very own room.

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