Crowning with thorns

Holy week begins today. The most holy time of our entire year.

When I think about Jesus’ passion, the crown of thorns seems to be unbelievably cruel. The whole event is unfathomable, of course, but this hits my heart in a special way.

I think it came from portrayals I’ve seen in movies and plays. Can you imagine the pain involved with penetrating the skin on your head? I’ve whacked my head many times during my lifetime, and I see stars.

And then the blood going down into your eyes. I don’t have the words.

The Romans sure knew how to torture and humiliate their enemies.

The Gospels don’t even mention Jesus expressing discomfort at the pain, but He sure experienced and bore this most tragic part of human existence.

Our Lord isn’t oblivious to the thorns we endure during our lives. He understands and he’s experienced even worse first-hand.

You only do that for people you love without bounds.

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