The Eucharist

How wonderful that Pope Saint John Paul II introduced the Luminous Mysteries to our Rosary in 2002! Of course, on Corpus Christi Sunday, it’s so appropriate to focus on the institution of the source and summit of our faith.

That all sounds well and good, but some Christians might find it strange that we seem to maybe be putting the Eucharist ahead of Jesus Himself.

But that’s not what we’re doing at all.

We’re declaring that the act of participating in Christ’s act of sharing Himself and our relationship with God is what builds our faith. Weekly and even daily.

Jesus told us that we have this constant opportunity to participate in His life and resurrection, even to the extent of bringing Him into our own bodies.

It’s phenomenal.

And it’s what keeps our faith grounded. I certainly know that I need the constant refreshing of my faith, because I’m weak and fall into traps.

The body and blood of Christ is there every day for us. He’s inviting and waiting for us at every Mass, in the Tabernacle, in Adoration.

He’s real! He’s alive! He’s here!

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