Bread that came down from heaven

Today we’re ending the readings called the “bread of life discourse” from the book of John. The Eucharist is the source and summit of our faith, and we’ll spend an entire lifetime learning what this means.

God’s only Son, the ever-eternal Christ, came to us as Jesus of Nazareth. He gave His body, His entire life, to have us join with God.

As an analytic engineer type, my natural question is: So how does THAT work? Well, I’ve decided this is the wrong question.

It works because God wills it. The “how” is largely hidden from us, because – for whatever reason – it’s important to God that we have faith.

Why? I have no answer.

I suspect that free will is so important to God that it demands faith to be developed. In a world where all the answers were obvious and straightforward, there would be no reason to have free will. We would just do whatever’s in front of our nose like animals do.

No, humans are different. And from that free will comes the capacity for freely given love. That’s what God does for us, and it’s what He asks of each of us.

Lord, I pray that Your truth will be revealed in due time. Until then, I ask that You help me be strong in faith.

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