I have everything

I’ve realized that many of our prayers are asking God for something. Or Mary, or Jesus, or Joseph, or St. Michael the Archangel.

But here we have this unique celebration to … just say thank you. Not to ask for more. Or to have God fix things for us.

I need to switch that up!

GLORY BE to the Father. Unconditionally. Because I live in an abundance that I don’t deserve.

GLORY BE to the Son, who gave everything for me. He showed me the way.

GLORY BE to the Spirit, who is the part of the Trinity who touches me every moment of every day. I don’t really understand how, but it’s clear that I owe my very existence to the Spirit sustaining me.

God, if I ask you for anything this day, it’s to help me realize that I am truly blessed. I have everything, because I have You.

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