Rich in what matters to God

There are times when I must consider my own mortality. Because, in the end, I can’t take any of this with me.

At least not any material goods.

But it’s pretty clear from the Bible that my soul, my knowledge, and my relationships survive death. How exactly, I’m not sure.

Jesus tells us that we are to work toward the Kingdom of God. And He leaves it just a bit unclear as to how much of this is in Heaven, versus something we build here on Earth.

I like the idea that part of my purpose is to help create the Kingdom of God. Well, maybe “create” is giving me too much godlike power. Maybe it’s more to participate as God’s hands as He creates the Kingdom.

I’m just a servant. A tool: maybe a tiny little magnet.

But if that’s what helps bring salvation to the people around me, I count that as riches in this life and afterward.

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