I’ve heard that the greatest of all sins is pride – because every other sin, in some way, is built on that foundation of sand.

When I look around my life, I see pride crop up everyplace, to the point where I can become disheartened.

The Lord is near the brokenhearted; he delivers those who are discouraged.

Psalm 34:18

But God encourages me to never lose heart. There is always hope of my salvation, of becoming the person I was created to become.

So it comes down to humility. That gives me some concrete things to work on. First, to be humble about my own failings and of others.

Because we’re all human. We’re all stumbling through this journey of life that we’re blessed with. It may not always feel like a blessing, sure, but we’re called to faith that God is blessing us in every happening.

Even the challenges.

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