Bring all souls to heaven

In the Fatima Prayer, we ask Jesus to “bring all souls to heaven.” How is that different than saying we’d like God to fix all our nasty human tendencies and have us all … get along?

Don’t get me wrong. I would absolutely love to live in a world without sin, without suffering, without anxiety.

But then, I realize that that’s not the point of the world God has created.

Apparently, the reason we’re here is to encounter problems, struggle with them, and to overcome.

If we didn’t have suffering, we wouldn’t have a reason to grow or to learn.

So why did God set it up this way? I have no idea, and it’s really one of the great unanswered questions of our faith.

And faith is at the core of it. Faith that we will find out what the Grand Purpose is for all this. We get glimpses from our Doctors of the Church and other deep thinkers, but there’s no perfect answer. Yet.

After going on this tangent, I now realize that we’d like everyone to be brought to heaven so that everyone can find out the glorious answer to this question of suffering. And then move beyond it.

Everyone. No matter how screwed up we are in this lifetime.


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