I have found it odd that our Catholic prayers often don’t include the word “please” or something similar.

Pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death.

Here we are asking God or Jesus or Mary for something huge, and it seem perhaps a bit impolite. Perhaps English is different than Latin and other languages in this sense?

Give us this day our daily bread.

But thinking about it a bit more, I’ve come to realize that this might say more about my own relationship with God.

Forgive us our sins.

If I was walking up and asking a favor from a stranger, or even an acquaintance, I would express some deference. “Please”, or “could you do me a favor,” or even “I hate to inconvenience you.” Using older language, perhaps “I beseech thee” or “prithee.”

But imagine that my relationship with God isn’t that of a pitiful servant, but of the closest friend imaginable.

My closest friend or spouse already understands the context of why I’m asking for a favor. When I express a deep need, they will know why I need help. “I’ve really screwed up and have no idea how to fix it. Give me some advice.”

If Jesus really knows my soul both inside and out, then He’s already aware of why I have a need for His help. He wants me to ask for help. Adding a false modesty to that actually means I’m not trusting that He has my needs at heart.

So my task now is to trust that God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, Mary, and the saints understand who I am even better than I do.

So I can be straightforward in asking for their assistance.

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