Baptism with fire

“He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire.” — Luke 3:16

We have a colloquial phrase in American English: “baptism by fire.” I have no doubt that it’s based on exactly this biblical passage, although with a slightly different meaning.

Do I actually want to be baptized by fire?

The Holy Spirit, sure, because I don’t expect that to be painful. But fire is incredibly painful – one of the worst experiences a human can have.

Fire is used to turn raw ingredients into food, and iron into steel. So fire applied to my life might yield incredibly positive changes. But I admit that I’m fearful of going through that change.

It’s the same fear that I have of death, I expect. Yet it’s the same incredibly positive change.

Holy Spirit, help me to have faith and work through my fears.

Then I remember how often Jesus started ministering with: Be not afraid.

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