God whispers

As I’ve been praying the rosary in recent years, I’ve consistently worried about my lack of focus. Sure, if I’m saying it as part of a group before Mass, it’s pretty easy to get caught up in the prayers.

By myself? I get distracted. All the time.

But I came to a powerful realization this morning: The ideas and worries that I wake up with are God speaking to me.

Not so much in the literal sense, which is why I’ve missed it for 63 years. What God’s doing is to direct my attention. Simply: focus on this.

When I think about it, this has been a consistent theme over my entire life. I can even recall specific times where I awoke with a new observation which changed my direction.

Not always positive, mind you. Sometimes it’s felt overwhelming with anxiety.

But when I think that God is simply saying, pay attention to this, I start to see threads and messages which have emerged over the years.

Propelling my faith life forward.

Directing my career.

So … maybe the whole “sleep on it” thing isn’t so farfetched after all? It’s a chance for me to quiet my mind and listening to God?

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