Father, Son, Holy Spirit

I find our Christian faith to be amazing.

It seems that we often focus on the three persons of the trinity like they were three people stuffed into a single package. Well, I’m not sure about calling the Holy Spirit “people” – maybe he’s in between the cracks? That’s a weird image

But I’m coming to realize that the REAL message here is that we have a God of relationship. God himself already is a relationship of 3 persons, but then each of us also are invited to be part of that relationship as well.

Indeed, all of creation!

This seems to be hard for us to grasp in an age when we’d like to think we’re self-made and independent. But the truth is that the measure of my life is really about my relationships – family, colleagues, God.

I’ll return to dust, that’s certain. But those relationships really are the meaning of my life. That’s the impact I have on the world.

It doesn’t have to be magnificent by the measure of society. But that’s not the way our God views life.

Thank you, Jesus and the Spirit, for helping us find our relationship with the Father.

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